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Have an upcoming audit, specific system issue or targeted project? We can step in, get the job done and let you carry on.

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Internal & External Audits

You may be short on time to carry out your internal audits or in need of a fresh perspective.

We’ll audit your system against specified standards. For any areas of concern identified, we’ll work with you to take appropriate action.

As part of our service we’ll provide you a company specific audit template for your future use.

If your system is out of date & needs amending prior to your external audit, we’ll update it for you.

If you’ve had non-conformances identified, we’ll help you address them.

Thereafter we’ll ensure that you’re kept up to date with future changes to requirements; we’ll be your eyes and ears in compliance.

Process Development & Documentation

If there is a certain sector of your business where you’d like greater control, transparency, definition, we’ll develop the process to allow for this.

After development, we’ll validate it, document it & provide training to the personnel who’ll be implementing it.

Conversely you may have your processes documented and in place. But over time they’ve become stale, out of date & only come out at audit time.

Sound like it’s revitalisation time!

We’ll provide you with streamlined processes that are excellent training tools & integrated across sectors. Forms that contain all required information to make informed decisions & provide evidence of what has taken place.

We will give you a system which your people, not just the auditors, use.

Control of Quality & Continuous Improvement

Are you getting customer complaints & product returns? Perhaps your product’s or service’s quality is not always what you’d want it to be?

If you’re having these sorts of issues, we can set improvements in motion.

Through investigation we will establish your business’ critical control points, which, when well-managed, will ensure you deliver quality product and service to your customers.

We’ll develop an appropriate quality control programme with an associated trend analysis system. By analysing the trends we’ll enact the continuous improvement cycle of Plan, Do, Check, Act.

You’ll see quality improvements in no time.

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You may have other targets to hit or issues to be resolved. Let us know what we can help you with today.

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